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A Joyful Encounter

I met a beautiful person the other day.

I was out running errands and decided to treat myself to relaxing at a coffee shop.  Upon entering the parking lot, I noticed a small group of homeless people holding cardboard signs and laughing.  It was a hot dessert day, they were dirty and sweating but what stood out to me was they looked genuinely happy and, no, they were not drunk.

Later on, I was inside and noticed one of the ladies holding a cardboard sign come inside the coffee shop with a big smile on her face.  She wanted to know if the barista had change for a $100 bill,  he politely said no.  I couldn’t help but feel excited for her, $100 is a lot of money!

A few minutes later this woman found her way back in the store with the change from her large bill.  She ordered the largest blended drink on the menu with extra caramel, she couldn’t emphasize enough how much caramel she wanted.  She was thrilled- this is her favorite drink.

What really got my attention was the tip she put in the jar.  She was already paying a good amount for her drink and she still gave a generous tip.  It almost brought tears to my eyes.  Her attitude was so full of joy, she turned around looked around the shop and saw me with my baby.  “What a beautiful baby!” She exclaimed, “My name is Carrey.”  This brought on a pleasant conversation while they were preparing her beloved drink.

I learned a few valuable lessons from this woman: that no matter what your dealing with, no matter what economical status you find yourself in

  • There is no need to deny yourself the things you LOVE
  • Be GENEROUS with what you have
  • Have a good attitude and SMILE

When I was walking to my car, I noticed the woman with her group of friends: all laughing and all sharing the drink she bought. I’m thankful I met her, I’m thankful for the kind person person who gave her $100: our chance encounter may not have happened.

She was a beautiful person throughout.  Her smile was contagious.  Her joy, abundant.

Have you met a beautiful person?  Please share and comment below!  Sometimes hearing others’ stories helps us with perspective in our every day routine.